Aggregate Testing Equipment

Specific Gravity And Water Absorption Of Aggregates

The buoyancy balance system consists of a rigid support frame, incorporating a water tank mounted on a platform. A mechanical lifting device is used to raise the water tank through the frame height immersing the specimen suspended below the balance. The balance supplied may also be used as a standard weighing device,
thus providing a versatile and comprehensive weighing system in the laboratory

The outfit comprises of

  • Electronic balance, capacity 5 kg. Least Count 0.1gm, provision is made in this balance to suspend density basket under material pan. This balance is mounted on an angle iron frame stand. 1 No
  • Density basket. 1 No
  • Air tight container to suspend density basket. 1 No
  • GI Tray of area not less than 650 cm sq. 1 No.
  • Absorbent cloths 75cm x 45cm. 2 Nos.


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